Checklist how to survive a festival

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Checklist how to survive a festival

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It's summer, so festival time is back. Camping, music and partying await you. But nothing is worse than finding out at the festival that you forgot something important, which immediately puts a damper on your weekend. How to find time to make a checklist?

But there is help, so you don't end up in such a situation.

A comprehensive checklist on how to survive a festival.

A must-have for the real festival-goer who doesn't want to forget anything.

And who wants to survive :-)

In this checklist, you will find everything about:

- preparations

- transportation

- budget

- how to survive on the festival site

- what to do when it rains or lightning

- what to take along

- what not to bring

- fire safety at the festival

- How to survive a drumming crowd

Who is this checklist for:

- for anyone who has plans to go to a festival

- For anyone who will ever go to a festival

- For anyone who has experience but has memory problems (maybe from too many festivals :-))

What will you get?

- a fillable PDF of 12 pages so you forget nothing

- under each heading, there are empty boxes so that you can add to them yourself

- life-long access to the checklist and updates.

How does it work?

After your purchase, you can download the checklist on Gumroad. If you have an account on Gumroad, your account will include the checklist in your account.

Can I share the checklist?

No, you get a personal license for individual use.

You can of course share the link from Gumroad :-)

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I want this!

A fillable PDF of 12 pages so you forget nothing

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